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Gropu photo at Ivy Square and SACLA
Opening and Closing


This meeting has started from International Seminar on Warm Dense Matter in Vancouver, 1996. Then as a series of workshop, that is continued 1st workshop in Vancouver (2000), conference in Hamburg (2003), 2nd workshop in Vancouver (2005), 3rd in Porquerolles (2007), 4th in Hakone (2009), 5th in Pacific Grove (2011) and 6th in Saint-Malo (2013).

In 2015, the workshop will come back to Japan, KURASHIKI

         as 7th International Workshop on Warm Dense Matter 2015 (WDM2015).


The 2015 conference will be held at KURASHIKI IVY SQURE, in Japan.
Invited, contributed talks and poster session will be organized. The purpose of the workshop is to allow in-depth presentations and facilitate interactions between experimental and theoretical efforts in the warm dense matter area.
We also plan to go to XFEL-SACLA as one day excursion.


1) Dynamics (ultrafast phenomena, non-equilibrium, kinetics, etc.)
2) Planetary sciences (geoscience, giant planets, etc)
3) EOS and transport property
4) XFEL applications (hot dense plasma, X-ray photonics, etc.)
5) Material sciences and applications (including industrial applications)
6) Facility, diagnostics, and other technological advances


We would like to ask you to present your results and/or to participate with this symposium.
Please check the CALENDER.

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